They finally showed Paula vs Alcicia and Rocky vs Namcy but no Shelly vs Rocky



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I hate when someone’s getting jumped on bgc and security is taking forever to get to the fight


I’m just watchin like


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Anonymous said:

Did you like brandi from season5 i loved her they should put her on season 13

I was neutral with Brandi I like at times & other times I didn’t but it will be interesting to see her again 💞👌

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ok Lindsey is crazy asf lol but I feel bad for her when Jada was throwing a bottle in her head


she is crazy, and yeah i wonder why she was flipping out and why her and Jada got into it

tvshows941 said:

Lol Sarah said in her be mona interview that her and Tiana had an alliance not to put each other up before going in the house and that if the other girls in the house wanted to put either one of them up the other would try to persuade them not to. And the red team tried to put Tiana up a couple of times because she wasn't doing shit. but because Sarah gave Tiana her word she persuaded them not to put her up all those times. So now the mystery on how Tiana won is finally solved. Lol.


so that’s how Tiana won…….


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In my opinion, I feel that Gia, Lea, and Tiana are overrated. All 3 of them jumped people and idk why people like them so much. Is that how you feel about them? ;) And also, BQ: do you like Tiara from bgc7? (I like Tiara lol she is very funny :D )


i agree but i’d be a hypocrite for liking Camilla on her season. idk, i guess everyone has that ONE girl that jumped people yet they still like. and yeah i thought Tiara was funny