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M.I.A's song fit s well with s9 trailer they should use it more often


i think it’d get old if they kept using it




I haven’t posted any more selifes because the boy I steal pics from hasn’t updated his Facebook =/

why do u pick an ugly boy to steal pics from tho??


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America’s Next Top Model Logic


Tyra: “The judges see this beautiful girl..but she can’t translate that in her photos.”

Model: “I know but I broke my leg and fractured my sku—”

Tyra: *shakes head* remember that photo shoot I did? I was chased by a fire breathing dragon the day before and got hit by an eighteen wheeler and I STILL looked fierce.” 😒

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OMG I wish Mehgan was on BGC13 so Camilla vs Mehgan fight would happen THAT WOULD BE THE MOST ICONIC FIGHT OF ALL TIME , just imagine all the weave being snatched, and punches being thrown


I still don’t know how Mehgan wasn’t cast, but I’m excited to see Julie because she’s changed so much since her season